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Good design also means that the calculations for the installation are correct. Stabicad offers as standard a wide range of quick calculations in order to select the right parts, for example radiator selection / transmission, slider calculation for air ducts and distribution of sprinkler heads on the basis of the correct prescribed class. In addition to the standard options for rule of thumb calculations, Stabicad has integrated calculations that comply with the standard for calculating ventilation ducts (incl. air leakage), gas pipes, tap water, including circulation pipes, central heating and cooling pipes, sprinkler and sewerage conform the following norms:


Module   Norms
Tap Water   NEN 1006 (2011)
  ISSO 55 (2013)
  NBN 806 (2000)
    DTU 60.11 (2013)
    BS 8558, CIPHE and CIBSE Guide C
Heating & Cooling   ISSO 18 (1987)
    DTU 60.5 (2008)
    I13 (2015)
    CIBSE Guide C and CIBSE Guide B1
Ventilation (incl. air leakage)   ISSO 17 (2010)
  ISSO 24 (1990)
    DTU 68.1 (1995)
    I5 (2010)
    DW144 and CIBSE Guide C
Sewerage (Waste Water) (Revit only)   EN 12056 (2000)
    DTU 60.11 (2013)
    DIN EN12056 (2000) / DIN 1986-100 (2016)
    BS EN 12056, CIPHE
Sprinkler   EN 12845 (2002)
  NFPA 13 (2013)
Gas (AutoCAD only)   NEN 1078 (1999) / NEN 2078 (2001)
    NBN D 51-003 (2004)
    NF DTU 61.11 (2007) 
    NTPEE 0255 (2008)
Balancing and Sound (UK)   BS 5228, CIBSE Guide B4 (2016)


The calculations give direct insight into the best design choices. The extensive reports can be stored as documents and submitted to an approval authority. So you can later demonstrate the calculations on which your design is based. Read how ABT uses the Stabicad calculation modules in the article below:


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