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Autorouting for Manufacturers

BIM continues to develop, offering new opportunities for manufacturers. For instance, more and more manufacturers offer useful tools that allow their customers to easily model manufacturer-specific systems. Stabicad Autorouting is such a tool. Modeling and calculation of installation engineering systems is now faster, easier to use, and more efficient.

Quick modeling with manufacturer-specific data
Autorouting is the new way to model ducts, pipe systems, pipes, and cable ducts. Fittings, such as bends and tees, are automatically updated following the adjustments made to the duct's or the pipe's dimensions. Thus, it is no longer necessary to convert generic to specific. The manufacturer's product database is fully integrated in Stabicad Autorouting, so the engineer can always choose existing products. Autorouting is ideal to quickly set up a system during the design phase and to calculate and eventually order all the proper products from the manufacturer.

Stabicad Autorouting for manufacturers
Stabicad Autorouting is specially designed for manufacturer-specific content. Stabicad's Autorouting goes further than Revit's standard Autorouting. For instance, Revit reverts to default settings when fittings are changed, and specific solutions are lost. Stabicad Autorouting prevents this and continues correctly with the specific content.  Manufacturers bind their customers by making it easy for engineers to model with manufacturer-specific 3D content. Specific content is more reliable because it will not fail in practice, which is why installers prefer to work with it.

MEPcontent is the expert in the creation, publishing, maintenance, and promotion of 3D content. Installers can quickly and easily download 3D content from manufacturers via the MEPcontent portal.  Jan van der Horst, BIM specialist at Dyka, a renowned Dutch piping manufacturer, is especially pleased because his clients are satisfied: "Our customers, who are Stabicad and Revit users, have a continuously growing need for accurate digital article information. MEPcontent offers us and, most importantly, our clients a user-friendly portal to unlock our product data."

Always up-to-date content
Stabicad Autorouting is powered by MEPcontent, so the content is provided with the correct dimensions and ordering information such as article number and GTIN. Autorouting families are generated from our PLS (data sheets), so it is easy to update them with new article data. Your 3D content is always up-to-date! This prevents the model data from being obsolete, which otherwise might result in problems for the engineer during the realization phase. Even the systems that have already been modeled can be easily updated with the latest information.

Correct article data
The manufacturer's article data is adjusted automatically when the installer modifies or calculates the system. Both the model and the manufacturer-specific data in the schedules are adjusted automatically 

Your BIM tool
Discover the benefits of Stabicad Autorouting. We are ready to provide you with the right information and advice on the best BIM solution for your business. For more information, please contact us at info@mepcontent.nl

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